The Orphan’s Secret

| December 3, 2016


Nineteen-year-old orphan Elaina has a lot going for her. She’s beautiful. She’s creative—the gourmet dairy products she crafts are making the farm rich. She’s brilliant—speaking three languages, building and repairing complex machinery, and finding higher dimensional physics quite simple really.

But she’s alone. She has no family and no real friends, aside from her magnificent black horse, and her private tutor, Alessa.

Everything changes the day Elaina rescues the handsome Prince Jaimin of Arra. Pulled into his turbulent world, she becomes the secret girlfriend of a future king, and discovers true friendship and love.

When a bitter evil threatens to destroy her, the prince, her new friends, and the rest of the kingdom, Elaina finds a remarkable power within herself. Along with this power, she finally learns who she truly is, what happened to her parents, and how she came to live on the farm.

She also learns that only she can save everything she loves.

Follow Elaina, Prince Jaimin, and the socialite genius Nastasha, as they unravel clues from their past to save their kingdom.

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