The Breacher

| April 20, 2017


The action-packed first installment of The Breacher Trilogy!

No one knows where the Colony came from. But we know that it’s hell behind these towering metal walls. It’s a race to survive in here, a fight to keep our spot. Those who work the hardest get to live in luxury in the Peaks while those who don’t – or can’t – end up in the Lows. Every month, the people caught at the bottom of the ranking are publicly executed in a Discard for everyone to watch. My adoptive brother is headed for a Discard – because of an injury I caused. I’ll do anything to save him, even join the secretive Breaching of the Walls Department and venture into the perilous, uncharted wilderness surrounding the Colony. But can I stay alive out there long enough to save Jon and piece together the truth about the Department’s purpose, the Colony’s future, and my own past?

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