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What is the difference between a Free Book promotion and a Guaranteed Book Promotion?

Now sure what type of promotion to run? Check out the comparison chart below to see what option is best for you.

Guaranteed Book Promotion Free Book Promotion
Listed on the front page, for up to three consecutive days Listed on the front page, for up to three consecutive days
Permanently listed in our book blog Permanently listed in our book blog
Featured in subscriber newsletter Featured in subscriber newsletter
Shared on Facebook
Tweeted on Twitter for 3 days
Pinned on Pinterest
Option to complete author interview
$10.00 Free
Guaranteed Promotion Please! Free Promotion Please!


What date will my book promotion start?

Your book promotion will start on the ‘Date to Begin Promo’ date that you entered on the book submission form.


Do you do custom promotions?

Yes, if you’d like to setup a custom promotion that’s a bit different just drop us a line via the contact page  and we’ll be happy to work with you on your promotion needs.

Can I advertise a new book?

Yes,  we accept books straight from the digital printing press or books that are more established.


Does my book need to have reviews to be promoted?
Nope.   We want to showcase all talented writers whether they have or haven’t received reviews yet.


Do you promote audiobooks?
Sure as long as your book is priced as free or at $0.99.


Do you promote books in languages other than English?
Yes, from time to time we promote books that aren’t in English, or are in English and another language.  Please note that the primary language of the majority of our readership is English.


Can I advertise my book if I have lots of reviews?

Lots of reviews is generally the sign of a good book, so yes we can promote your book.


What will stop me from advertising my book here?
To keep the selection of books promoted as family friendly as possible we do not accept erotica or overly gratuitous violence (most crime and mystery novels are OK).


What do I need to price my book at to advertise my book with you?
Books that are promoted with ItsWriteNow.com need to priced as free ($0) or $0.99 for a bargain book.


How long in advance do I need to schedule my book promotion?

We recommend scheduling your book at least 48 hours before you want your promotion to start so that all of your details can be double checked.  If you can arrange your promotion even earlier than this it is much appreciated as sometimes it takes a few days to work through any questions we might have.


I need to reschedule my book promotion.

Not a problem.  Just drop us a line via the contact page  as soon as you know that your promotion will be run.


Do you feature books permafree books.

Yes, books that are permafree are featured on ItsWriteNow.com.


Do you require my books to be free, or do you require them to be at $0.99, or is there no price point requirement?
If you have purchased a paid (guaranteed promotion through ItsWriteNow.com), then your books can be priced as free, or $0.99.  Amazon countdown promotions starting at $0.99 are also accepted for paid promotions.
For books promoted under the free promotion (no cost to the author), then the book must be priced as free in order to be considered for selection.
What amount of advance notice should I give your site prior to my scheduled promotional period?
Please give at least 24 hours notice from 8AM PST (GMT/ UTC -7).  Less notice than this means that mistakes might be made, and we want to give authors the best experience possible.
Do you have any requirements regarding genre, word/page count, review count, review score?
Yes, and they are as follows:
Genre:  Erotica and books with overt sexual behaviour is not accepted.  Additionally books providing instructions on illegal behaviour are not accepted.
Word/ Page Count:  Your book really should have some words and pages as it helps with the reading process :).  Pages are a requirement (we have no minimum requirement on how many pages are needed), and words are recommended.  However, if you’re submitting a photography or art book without words this is fine.
Review Count:  You are welcome to submit your book to ItsWriteNow even if you don’t have any reviews.  We want to help indie authors and many of them haven’t received reviews yet, but their books are great so they are still selected.
Review Score:  The better your average review score the more likely you are to be picked.  We read the negative reviews of your book before promotion to figure out if the negative review is accurate to try and give authors a ‘fair go’ {definition: emphasis or to request someone to be reasonable or fai}, but if there are obvious big issues with your book that are causing low review scores (low reviews scores are under 3 stars) your book will not be selected.
How often can a single book of mine be promoted through your site? 
For free books, a single book will be selected a maximum of once every three months.
If you are looking to promote a single book on ItsWriteNow for a guaranteed (paid) promotion more than once a month please get in contact with us and we can arrange for a custom promotion to suit your promotion time period (e.g. if you have a book on promotion for a month we can setup a custom promotion setup so that you can be promoted throughout the month).
If I have multiple books that I’d like promoted, how often can I promote my different books with you?
For guaranteed (paid) promotions there is no limit to how many different books can be promoted during the same or similar time periods.
For free books we generally like to limit the number of books promoted by an author to about 1 book a month, however this depends on a number of factors including time of year, other books being submitted for promotion, and the content of the books being submitted from all authors.
Do you send out email blasts to your subscribers or do just update your site proper as well as ancillary social media sites with the promotions? What time of day are these promotions usually published?
Yes, e-mail blasts are sent out daily at 8am PST (UTC/ GMT -7).  Social media posts are also scheduled for paid promotions starting at 8am PST (Note: Pinterest is often updated earlier) and continue throughout at various times for three days (the social media promotions are constantly being updated and reviewed to get the best results so the number, frequency and content of these posts aren’t easily explained without a BIG Excel spreadsheet!).
For books being promoted through the free option Twitter is used to remind the authors that their book has been selected for a free promotion.


How can I Pay?

All payments are run through Paypal.com


Is it safe?

Yes,  we use Paypal as they spend all day every day working on a secure way to pay.  For more detailed information about the security methods that Paypal uses have a look at their security information here.



I don’t think that my order was successful.

If you want to double check anything about your order send through your questions via the contact form and we’ll work to resolve them for you.




My question isn’t answered here.

No sweat, just fire off all of your questions  via the contact form  and we’ll get back to you.