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Are you sick of submitting your book to the big book promotion sites and feeling like you’ve been working with another faceless corporation that doesn’t care your journey as an author? Would you rather work with a small team that is keen to make a personal connection and watch you grow as an author?

If this is you, then try promoting your Kindle book with the team at! With a paid promotion you can expect to see your book proudly displayed on the front page of for up to seven days to show off your awesome cover art. Next, we will deliver your book straight to the inbox of our family friendly list (no need to worry about books with erotica, illegal how-tos or overly sexual content here) of thousands of readers that receive our daily selection of free and discounted Kindle reads.

For each and every paid promotion we like to harness a little social media power on our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts to share the love of reading and Kindle books. Using specific social media tags to drive your promotions? No problems just enter them with your book details and we’ll incorporate them into your social media campaign.

Where we really shine is with our author interviews! This is not just another author interview where you fill in a set of questions and then see your answers simply reposted in all of their unedited glory. Each and every author interview is crafted by a highly skilled writer, who will tailor the responses to our changing set of author interview questions to create an interview with inflection and body that feels like you were actually there!

We can’t guarantee you millions of dollars in Kindle book sales, but we can give you a Kindle book promotion with people who care and want to share the joy of reading with the world.

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The best promotional audience for Kindle authors. It’s Write Now is responsible for propelling ICE through 1,000 reviews, 1,500 reviews and 125,000+ Kindle sales, singlehandedly. DO NOT pass up It’s Write Now if you want to quit that soul-sucking day job and live the Ferrari lifestyle…. Kevin


Kevin Tinto author of ICE

Guaranteed Promotion run on February 25, 2017


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So, What Are the Rules for Promoting with

  • We want to keep our list family friendly, so we are not accepting erotica, how-to books for illegal practices or overly sexually explicit materials (We do accept steamy romances as long as the covers don’t look erotic!).
  • All books must be available on Amazon!  We currently are not promoting books only available on other platforms.
  • Paid Promotions
    • Countdown Deals must begin at .99 or less, non-countdown promotional priced books must be 0.99 or less.
    • Listings are added daily at 8am Pacific Standard Time PST (GMT/ UCT -7).  New custom submissions with discount or deals applied (if applicable) must be received no later than 24 hours at 8am PST the day before.
    • Crafting author interviews takes time. To make sure that the interview reflects the best of your book we need to receive your interview responses at least a week before the promotion is scheduled to be run.
  • Free Promotion
    • Your book must be priced as free on the dates requesting promotion.
    • Not all books submitted for free promotion will be featured due to time and space requirements.

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