The Adventures of Princess Lau: Niceness Rules! An animated film for your mind

| June 6, 2018


The Adventures of Princess Lau

Soon to be a movie…

A bizarre and fall down laughing journey into a wild fantasy world that makes Lord of the Rings look like Kung Fu Panda. Makes The Matrix look like Minions. The Hitchhiker’s Guide look like, well, a paper street directory.

A beautiful, determined, yet clueless, Chinese Princess pursues a dangerously stupid quest to recover the lost cows of Holoworld. For without cows, the magnificent, yet tiny, dragons and the subjects of the mighty Chick (yes, Chick) Norris will be thrown into a ceaseless battle that will not end until well after breakfast.

Aided and abetted by a handsome god who is possibly an experiment in Artificial Stupidity, a tiny dragon with a bad case of small dragon syndrome and a great white shark named Norman that does not play golf, the Princess must find and defeat the evil Dark Lord who may, or may not, have abducted the cows of peace. But first she and her friends must defeat his formidable and smelly Army of Darkness.

With a stunning cameo appearance from Bananas in Pyjamas and the terrifying unveiling of THE ULTIMATE WEAPON, The Adventures of Princess Lau will entrap you and leave you covered in green slime.

And just when you think that you know what is going on, the Supermodels unplug their iPuds and threaten to shave your head – or anything else.

Full as a googie egg with love, loss, laughter, loyalty and alliteration, Princess Lau will make you question the nature of reality. Or the reality of nature. Whatever.

You will hold on breathlessly as you are taken deep into the dragons’ lair and exposed to the secrets of I____ ____ing. A knowledge far too dangerous to be placed in a mere book description.

You will pant with the nerds as they pathetically battle for survival against the massive army of the Dark Lord.

Until, finally, the incredible, unbelievable truth of the lost cows is revealed. A truth so amazing you will be as frightened as a puppy in a thunderstorm.

This book is unique.

Multi-layered, simple and yet laughably profound, Princess Lau contains a twist that nobody has yet guessed before the final page reveal.


Will you be the first person to deduce the incredible secret of The Mxxxxxx?

Quirky, silly, cheesy, and funny, with a fast-moving entertaining plot and imaginative characters. This book dives right in and takes the reader on a fantasy ride. Vivid detail expertly crafted by the author creates high definition visions in the mind’s eye. A friend read this and had the same response. This book is unique.
– Mountaineer Seattle

Not only is this a truly original story, but the author has a huge talent for beating the English language into hilarious submission. Sly and witty, this is tremendous fun and you won’t find anything else like it. Think of Princess Lau as Alice in Wonderland’s cousin: they both went through the looking glass, but took different paths.
– BBC Addict Houston

“This is a most excellent adventure.” Bill and Ted.


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