Separate Lives (Tyson Palmer Thriller Series)

| September 25, 2013


Separate Lives (Tyson Palmer Thriller Series)

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2 of the Tyson Palmer Thriller Series

Follow Tyson Palmer to the desert of New Mexico as New Your Times bestselling author Dale Roberts, who took you on a heart pounding thrill-ride deep inside a mind controlling cult in The Following, takes you into the very heart of a murder investigation and into the mind of a serial killer in Separate Lives.

When journalist-turned-author, Tyson Palmer visits retired FBI profiler Reardon Meeks for research for his next book, a beloved minister is murdered and his dark, secret life is exposed. The two of them are
pulled into the investigation of what is the first in a series of murders of respected, high profile people, each leading a secret, separate life that will cause everyone to question just how well they really know their neighbors…and themselves.


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