The Devil’s Backbone

| September 25, 2013


The Devil's Backbone

The crops have failed and his family is starving, so fourteen year-old Brody slips out into the early morning darkness, desperate to find food in the foothills of the Devil’s Backbone.

A terrible accident, a rescue by a delusional ex-slave, and a journey to find his family has Brody growing into a man… and also wanted for murder.

“A riveting tale of adventure with a cast of characters as tough and timeless as the rifles we make.”-Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms

“James Babb has crafted the extraordinary. Please, please do yourself a favor and read this.”-Robert Bacon, The Perfect Write.

“The Devil’s Backbone is a humble adventure into the hard lives of those who lived in the shadow of a war that had long since ended… I couldn’t put this book down, James Babb wrote a novel that is engaging. The hunger, the cold, and the friendship, it’s hard not to get drawn into this story.-Mike Kendra,


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