The Immortal: Episode 1 – Nightmare

| June 7, 2018


Some people say that I am totally crazy.
Of course, most of those people are dead now.

Ashling is twenty one, going on four hundred and twenty five, years old.
A vampire with beauty, intelligence and a deadly stfu attitude.
She wants to make new friends.
Friends she won’t have to kill.

This ground-breaking vampire romance redefines the vampires genre. After 400 years, Ashling, the tiny, captivating, lethal vampire, embarks on an out of control vampire love story with the wildest, most beautiful girl she has ever met. Together they kill and party their way through Arad, Romania.

Until they meet an Immortal more powerful and more insane than any other. An Immortal who will tear apart their lives.

This vampire series is unique. A modern day vampires of the city fantasy of vampire blood, love and violence with the sexiest vampire alive.

Or dead.

Which brings Ashling to the age-old question:

If you were immortal…
Who would you kill?


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