| June 7, 2018


He’s ruthless…in business and in love.

Book Buyers Best Finalist, National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist, Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Award Finalist, Laurel Wreath Award Finalist, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award Winner ?????

Feisty Jenna Murphy doesn’t give a whiff about an animal’s pedigree. As the local horse masseuse, she knows she has the magic touch and is keen to help every animal in her small town, including her beloved pony, Peanut. Any extra money earned from her job at the Equine Center is earmarked for her younger sister’s education. 

High-powered businessman Derek Burke’s main goal is to fix his new company’s financial woes. And the first thing on his agenda is to force employees to only look after pricey Thoroughbreds. Working for free on local animals is simply not how a business makes money, and he’s prepared to run off anyone who doesn’t conform, even his attractive but free-spirited horse masseuse. Soon two stubborn people are caught in a battle of wills and there can never be two winners. Or can there?

Second Chance Standalone Series:
Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash (Second Chance Book 1)
Studs and Stilettos (Second Chance Book 2)
Millionaire’s Shot (Second Chance Book 3)

Redemption Standalone Series:
Riding For Redemption
A Scandalous Husband
Backstretch Baby

Dangerous Odds Standalone Series:
Jockeys and Jewels
Color My Horse
Fillies and Females

Mustang River Ranch Series:
Shadows of the Mountain

Strange Behavior
A Pony For Christmas


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