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Nature unleashes a series of disasters: solar flares, volcanic eruptions and an ice age. The world’s population is decimated, leaving just pockets of survivors. Some of them establish themselves around heat sources, a nuclear station and a hot spring in this story. A human bottleneck results, leaving scarcely two million people left to reassert the human presence on this planet.
Tarryn is a superstar and rock singer with an angelic voice and a fiercely principled value system. She and her brothers are in the rock band “Sonic Dust”. As the world reels from these disasters of epic proportions, she is stricken with a brain disease that impacts about one in seven billion people. Lynton, a retired and renegade scientist specialising in brain cell simulation, has a solution. Tarryn undergoes a cerebral, electronic infusion which completely cures her. It also endows her with some other special abilities. She jokes about being part android but then … well, you’ll see.
Some of the “established order” or authorities of the new world of survivors, see a clean slate opportunity for moral regeneration and set about making this happen by deploying cyber electronics selectively to the world’s populace. Tarryn is a strong proponent of this approach, but something does not go quite as planned.
The book gives an interesting analysis of a bottlenecked human species (they don’t actually look like that) starting afresh but trying to learn from the lessons of the past. This is a post-apocalyptic survival story which may have us introspecting about the errors of our old world ways. There are no aliens, no space travel and not even any magic in this book. It is Earth-based, and the science is good, honest fiction.
You do have to come to terms, however, with the author’s quirky sense of humour.

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Nobody has said this yet but maybe they soon will:
The Best Science Fiction Novel of the century.

The Maily Day would probably, if given the opportunity, say:
Mark Phillips takes the world to near extinction in a masterpiece of Earth-based science fiction of the most gripping kind.

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