The Last Mayor Series: Books 1-3 (The Last Mayor Series Boxset)

| June 11, 2018


Who would you trust at the end of the world?

One year ago talented artist Amo fell into a mysterious coma, dying and reviving multiple times. The experience left him mentally crippled, assaulted by devastating migraines that shut him down for days at a time, until one morning the migraines are simply gone – along with every living soul in New York.

The streets outside are filled with an ocean of the raging dead. A plane tumbles from the sky to crash into Manhattan. Amo is alone, maybe the last man alive in a horrifying, violent world. All he wants is to find other people and discover what the hell happened, but first he’ll have to survive the dead, the despair, and the psychopathic survivors.

It’s time to get creative. He is an artist after all…

This digital box set contains the first three thrillers plus exclusive bonus materials in this #1 category bestseller series.

Bonus Materials: Includes original character art, out-takes from pivotal scenes, and an interview with the author hinting at the answers underlying the Last Mayor series.

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Over 200 5-star reviews on Goodreads. What readers are saying:

????? ‘The characters are so real, the story so believable!!’
????? ‘Amazingly imaginative and thrilling.’
????? ‘Kept me up all night reading.’
????? ‘Had me so enthralled. I laughed. I cried. I felt like I KNEW these people! Absolute MUST READ!’
????? ‘I loved the twist.’
????? ‘Wow, I loved this first set. I could not put it down, well done story!!’
????? ‘A definite must-read!’
????? ‘The series is NOT your typical zombie apocalypse book. In fact, it takes the entire zombie culture and flips it in a way no one could possibly imagine!’
????? ‘Grist has a way with descriptions so realistic, you feel you are there in the moments of fun, danger, and shock and awe. Grist has a unique character layout that really keeps the story flowing, and the pages turning.’
????? ‘Not what you think. Better.’
????? ‘A great read – learn the stories of three very different apocalypse survivors and how they meet and become a family. An amazing start to what I can only describe as a great series.’

(Books 4-6 are also available in a great value omnibus edition.)

More than 50,000 copies sold and 100s of five star reviews across the series. Start your apocalypse odyssey now!


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