Abdicate Episode One

| June 12, 2018


A short while ago, in a multiverse of pure imagination…

The OBOL corporation dominates the multiverse. The ORTA Command attempt to police it. Caught in the middle, millions of lives.

While the subversives from both sides arm up and plot, an ordinary OBOL employee finds herself betrayed and pulled into the fray she never truly knew existed. Her future hangs uncertain as she faces off against the the perils of the mysterious, destructive nature of the very world she now inhabits.

All the while, she may soon learn she is embroiled in something far deeper than meets the eye.

Styled as in the vein of a more adult Ready Player One and The Walls of the Universe; Abdicate is a heart racing thrill ride into the midst of a universe torn. Torn with deceit, mystery and blood shed.


Abdicate is a weekly publication of serialized fiction. Catch a NEW BOOK every week, to be released on Mondays. 

Official release date June 11, 2018.

Price to be free June 12 -15, 2018.

After June 15, the price will be $1.99 for this book. Early Birds are the word. 

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“Serialized fiction takes a new twist with each story in Abdicate. A must read. 5/5 stars over here.”

                   ~ Dahenna Hernandez, reader


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