Author interview with Elsa Mendoza of ‘WAKE UP HUMANITY’

Author Interview with Elsa Mendoza

WAKE UP HUMANITY is not your ordinary book of poems with rhymes and stanzas that only touches a specific topic. It talks about all of us, the entire humanity, about our reason for existence, and the results of our conscious and unconscious actions in our world and our power as human beings. Each chapter will make you think and ask: who we truly are, why we are experiencing the same challenges over and over again, what kind of a source we are in this world and how we can improve our current condition as powerful beings, the collective consciousness for a better world.



Have you ever wanted to improve your current condition, and get closer to that better world? Needed a little help getting there? Elsa Mendoza, author of ‘Wake Up Humanity’ has returned to to share her collection of free verse poems to get us to pause and reflect. Elsa, before we get started with your new work let’s reflect on what’s been going on in your life since we last chatted around this time last year. What have you been up to since then?

Writing, coaching, enjoying life repeat :)



Simple and effective, I love it! As writing is item number 1 on that list, I’m curious to find out if your author journey has taken a different turn since 2017. Where are you now?           

Since my first book, YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS became an Amazon Best Seller and has been under this category for a year, I was given an opportunity to coach Life Coaches on how to self-publish their books. I created an online course for this. I have fallen in love with writing even more.



I love it when writers fall in love with writing even more because it means they’ve written some awesome work. Tell us a little bit more about how your latest awesome work, ‘Wake Up Humanity’ came to life?

It was not in my plan to write this particular genre, but I was strongly led by the inspiration to write poetry and so I just let it and WAKE UP HUMANITY was born.



Does the poetry in these pages draw on events in your life?

Yes, my books are all based on life experiences, spiritual journey and observation on humanity and current events.



Wow, there’s such a huge range of directions that you could take to pull all of these threads together! Now that this book is complete, what do you feel was the most important thing that it is trying to share across these big areas?           

Pause, reflect, and ask yourself “what kind of a source are you to humanity?”



That’s a fantastic question! I was going to answer this question for you, but after I’ve given it a little more thought, even more, questions have tumbled out of it and there’s no end of questions in sight! And as the author, I’m sure you’re still poking around a few of these questions, perhaps in the form of another book. Can you share a little about your current working projects?

I have several manuscripts prepared filed in “BOOK IDEAS” Whenever there are blocks of thoughts from inspiration, I go to these manuscripts and dump the words in there.



What kinds of manuscripts are you writing?           

I’d like to write books where humanity can benefit from.



As you keep adding words to each of these manuscripts, do you feel that your voice as an author has improved?           

Quite a bit, yes.



I’m glad to hear that! Let’s see if we can improve your author voice a little more by putting it through its paces in today’s quick-fire question round, starting with if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

Well, if you really think about it, money grows on trees, money is everywhere in fact…it just depends on how you look at things.



Exactly, so many things are really just based on how you look at things. So, let’s see if we can find a different response to the question, can you cry underwater?

I’ve never tried underwater but in the shower…yes…hahaha



A new definition of underwater, I love it! Okay, now let’s try the question if space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?

The Infinite Creator who else



The cleaning service for The Infinite Creator? Why is a square meal served on round plates?

For art or for contrast reasons maybe. It can also be served in different shapes, you see. hahaha



Oh, you might be onto something there with the contrast of art! It makes sense to me! Since we’re having some success in the art world, I’d love to know what type of monster you would create if given the chance. What would you call it, and what would it look like?

Spiky and I would call it BOLT!



I hope it lights up like lightning too! Let’s light up the end of the interview, with your favourite line from ‘Wake Up Humanity’. What would you recommend we choose?

There are too many as a matter of fact it’s the entire book itself.



*Laughs* I can’t argue with that! Elsa, thanks so much for coming back to share the next chapter of your authorship journey with us, and I’d love to see you back the same time next year, or a little before to keep tracking your progress.



Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘WAKE UP HUMANITY ( ASIN: B07DK5GF1L )‘.

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