Author interview with Amanda Orneck of ‘Sister of the Circuit’

Author interview with Amanda Orneck

In the nation of Apotheosis, the Church of Technology is both government and state religion, and the virtual world they call the Circuit is their god. Those that travel the Circuit are hexers, and the Church’s elite police force charged with protecting the Circuit at all costs, are known as Sisters of the Circuit. On the day of her final exam to become a Sister, Isidore RAM runs into something that shouldn’t be: an AI that can change the sacred Code of the Circuit. Isidore is framed for this blasphemous alteration of their god, and is ousted from the training program and the religion in one fell swoop.



What awaits Isidore now that she has been forced to build a new path for herself? Amanda Orneck, author of the dystopian cyberpunk tale, Sister of the Circuit, has agreed to join me today to guide us through the pages of this thrilling sci-fi adventure. Amanda, what was the main driver that initially inspired you to write Sister of the Circuit?

I’ve always had a fascination with Orange County’s more unique architectural landmarks. I suppose most of this project stemmed from imagining what these places might be used for in the future.



Had you spent much time in the presence of these landmarks when projecting their future use? And were there other things from your past that you drew into paint this new picture of a possible future?

Yes, I certainly drew of my history exploring the secret spaces in Southern California, as well as my religious background.



Did you find the experience of merging things like your religious background, your past experience and your visions for the future energising? Or did it tend to become more exhausting?

Yes, both. It exhausts the body but energizes the spirit.



Oh, that’s a really great way to look at it! Your work energised your spirit, so I’m sure you hope that your work energises the spirits of others. Looking back on how all of the various elements combined, what do you hope is the central message that is communicated to the spirit of each reader?

I suppose the message is one of caution: Beware your reliance on technology, lest it becomes a religion all its own.



That’s such an interesting message that is so relevant for our time. As you continued to write, and this message became clearer, I’m curious to find out if this message was the largest learning that you took from this book, or did you find your learnt something with a greater importance that you can share with us?

I learned that no book starts in a vacuum. This book wouldn’t have existed if the readers hadn’t shown such avid interest in Isidore and her adventures. The readers made this book happen.



I love it when readers make books happen! Since your readers have played such a strong force in getting this bok written, can you share a little hint to whether or not we’ll see Isidore again?

I am currently working on the sequel to Sister of the Circuit, temporarily entitled Code Siren.



I think that’s a pretty good indication that Isidore or some of her friends will appear again! We’ve explored the outskirts of ‘Sister of the Circuit’ enough to see some of what awaits, so now I think we need to focus our explorations a little on the author behind the book and find out a little about what makes you, you. What’s your favourite word?




Awesome word! Are you left or right-handed?

I am left-handed. I think it gives me a different perspective on how our world is built.



You know, I really think that the left-handed people do get that different perspective on the world. And I’m sure it’s clearly shown in your work. To round things up for today, can you share a line you love that you feel reflects a little of your differing world perspective?

“On the Circuit Isidore RAM can be anything, be anywhere. Speed is her skin, and hacking her bones. All her life she has felt more alive in the digital world than in the real one. Here she feels closest to the Circuit, wrapped in the Code that made us all.”



Want to learn more about the code of life and the circuit? Then you can’t miss the future that awaits you in ‘Sister of the Circuit’! Amanda, thanks so much for sharing a taste of this world with us today, and I hope to hear about your sequel soon!


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