How Daddy got his groove back, with a LOT of help from me, Matchmaker Extraordinaire!!!

| June 16, 2018


Cassie Morrison has but five simple goals in life…

#1 – Be the first person to land on Mars!
#2 – Become prime minister of Scotland!
#3 – Create and rule the great Scottish Empire!
#4 – And eventually the world!

Those will all take a long time though, so for now she’s just focusing on:

#5 – Help Daddy find a nice lady-friend!

Potential target acquired!
Name: Esmeralda Lockhart!
Profession: Substitute teacher!
Height: 6 feet!
Hair colour: Red!
Pretty: Yes!!!
Niceness: 10/10!
Suitability: 10/10?

Why, this sounds like the perfect job for a Matchmaker Extraordinaire!

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