Life’s A Bitch…Until You Become One

| June 15, 2018


Joanne Harris was forced to come out of hiding in order to make a court appearance, desperate to be granted a divorce from a husband she is fearful of after four years of abuse and infidelity.

After which she begins a new life in a sleepy northern seaside town where she shares a flat with two madcap girls, who are also going through divorces. Her plan, once she is finally free, is then to travel, see the world, and try to do all the things she has always dreamed of doing.

But then she meets David Winston, a successful businessman who she is instantly drawn to, and she realises that her life will take her on a different journey altogether.

But then discovers David’s dark secret, his likeness of other women and the fact he has a step cousin whose aim has always been to become Mrs David Winston herself .
In which case she found just how strong she was, because being strong was her only choice.


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