Snack Time: Lite and Tasty Snack Recipes (a Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook)

| September 26, 2013


Snack Time: Lite and Tasty Snack Recipes (a Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook)

A lot of excess calories can come from between-meal or after-meal snacks. The USDA has recommended that no more than 10% of someone’s daily calories come from snack foods (or recreational eating; that is, food eaten just for fun and not for nutrition).

Of course, we call want to get the most out of our snack foods, and some snacks can be nutritional and satisfying at the same time. Other foods (often called junk foods) have little or no nutritional value…we just eat them because they taste good.

Nonetheless, lower-calorie versions of even junk foods exist. Making food at home can decrease the calorie count or fat content significantly, eliminate a lot of unnecessary additives and preservatives, and enhance the flavor and portion size.

In this cookbook, every effort has been made to find snack foods that are filling but have fewer calories and/or less fat than their commercial versions. You may even enjoy these more than ones you buy in the store!

Important note: this is not a cookbook with zero calorie (or near-zero calorie) snacks. Those looking for such snacks may be better off buying 100-calorie packs of snack foods from the store. The very nature of these snack foods and their ingredients mean that the calorie count will never be zero, or even close to it.

Also, these recipes are not necessarily low-carb. Some have higher carbs because they include sugars, but in a lot of cases they have higher carbs due to ingredients such as milk, yogurt, or fruit, which are GOOD, healthy carbs.

Disclaimer: The contents of this cookbook may not be construed as a medical diagnosis, treatment, advice, claim, or substitute for a physician’s care. Consult a physician or other health care provider before starting a weight loss or exercise program. Joan’s results are not typical, and she cannot guarantee you will have the same results. Your results are up to you!


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