Keep Possession: A World Cup Fictional Thriller

| June 17, 2018


The original World Cup trophy was stolen from its bullet-proof case in Brazil in 1983. Never recovered. Vanished for decades. The stolen trophy haunts to this day, simultaneously serving as the Holy Grail of sports and the shame of South America.

What if the missing original World Cup trophy resurfaced today? What if the stolen trophy was now intended as a bribe to secure tournament hosting rights in the geopolitics of World Cup soccer?

Jack McDonald is a reformed soccer hooligan, a man who rose above his brutal adolescence, climbing all the way to a staff job in the West Wing of the White House. But an East Room incident revives his violent past. As a consequence, Jack is forced to work undercover to reveal the corruption behind the suspicious World Cup bid of a Middle Eastern country, whose secret deal with the President of the United States threatens to be uncovered.

Imagine stripping the World Cup hosting rights from the Middle East. Imagine the anger and resentment and terror that could ensue. Imagine if someone used that soccer passion as a geopolitical sleight of hand.

Think you know the world’s game? The history of the sport is as controversial as today’s front page bribery scandals. Rooted in the true history, Drew Leiden’s thriller Keep Possession will take you on a quest for the trophy: Mussolini conspired for it; Hitler searched for it; billions of fans chanted for it, while thieves lurked in the shadows in 1966 London and 1983 Brazil.


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