| June 18, 2018


Well, by Alias In Town, began by compiling relative journal entries, poetry, essays and original artwork into a scrapbook. The scrapbook project was a personal effort to tell the story of a life journey from the brokenness, disparity and pain of chronic illness, addiction, and mental illness to being Well. This activity morphed into an incredibly vulnerable and emotionally raw book entitled Well.

Alias In Town suffers with a chronic illness and used bad coping mechanisms to deal with the changes the illness brought into her life. Those bad coping mechanisms led her to addiction and a suicide attempt.

“Limited solutions, taken to their extreme, took me to a hopeless destination — The End. The end of myself.” – book excerpt

The author chose the pen name Alias In Town because it is an anagram of her name and because in every town there are alias people living with chronic illness, chronic pain, addiction and depression. The author is one of those people. Those living with chronic illness share many commonalities. Well addresses these commonalities.. The book includes information on Identity, Authenticity, Addiction, Coping, Grief and other topics associated with living well while ill.

What makes you well is not your physical state. Everyone is in some sort of physical decay as we pass from this life to the next.

“I am more than my body. I am body, mind and spirit. My body is simply the weakest unit of the triad. Though chronic illness affects the entire triad, I have made considerable effort to strengthen my mind and spirit to find the balance of ‘Well’. – book excerpt

Well, is a unique work of nonfiction making the reader feel as though they are looking at a scrapbook of a life story.

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