The Witch of Highland Falls

| June 19, 2018


A paranormal debut about a teen who doesn’t understand her own powers, which may get her kidnapped, or worse.

She has powers she can’t control.
He has powers he wishes he didn’t.
Their powers could get them both killed.

Tig has always been a freak but at least her parents were happy about it. The more weird things happened around her, the more obsessed with the paranormal they became. But now her mother is a vegetable. Then when her father dies right in front of her, the coroner says it was internal bleeding. So why does she feel so certain his death has something to do with her?

Alec is firmly under the thumb of the most twisted man on Earth. His life has been a sick nightmare since Foster found him on the streets years ago. His apprenticeship has taught him skills like blood sacrifices and body severances. He wonders if either of them can be considered human anymore.

Now Alec must lure Tig into a deadly trap. Will she come quietly? Or will her unwieldy powers protect her when she needs them the most?

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