Amendments: A dystopian time travel romance

| June 22, 2018


“Very much in the spirit of Aimee Bender and Kazuo Ishiguro, with a touch of Margaret Atwood thrown in for good measure.”

Emelia must choose. Her sister or her soulmate.
In a world not dissimilar to our own, the Administration have ensured that the human race should not have to live with any regrets.
Like millions before her, Emelia now has the chance to go back and make the ‘correct’ decisions. The little envelope that contains her amendment will change not just her life, but that of the people she loves the most. Her sister Finola, whose reckless and self-destructive nature have lead her dangerously close to the sinister Marchers movement; and Gabe, the rock that has been holding the remnants of her family together for as long as she can remember.
Caught between saving Finola or happiness with Gabe, she must struggle to predict how the ripples of her amendments will spread.
What would you amend?

Praise for Amendments:

“Beautifully written, moving, powerful and thoroughly chilling, this is one of the finest works of speculative fiction I’ve read in years. HM Lynn takes us from family trauma and tragedy, to the society in which it all exists, and then back down to the skilfully-drawn and fully realised individual characters, all of this unravelling within a book that is at once a mystery, a love story and a study of the human condition. Amendments deserves huge praise.” Joel Hames – Author of Dead North

“A delightful read with an intricate and intriguing plot line, lovable characters and quite simply un-put-down-able!”

“A very impressive and accomplished début novel.”

“Amendments is beautifully and eloquently written, with interesting, convincing characters, and the concept at the heart of it brings up questions of fate, free will and how much control we have – or want – over our lives that make you stop and think.”


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