Free First Book: The Millennium Malevolence (Science Fiction): The Time Spanning Revenge Endangerment (Time Revenge Chronicles Book 1)

| June 23, 2018


Free first book in series!

In the medieval times, there was an immortal that was the perceived scourge who rivaled the Black Death plague in the Renaissance.. Chorlisr Remmik, a Protector from the Ktaldeik (Tal-DEEK) had to defend the village against the eternal. He had to use witchcraft in order to damage him.

The immortal, Gavis, was just sitting by a fire with his eternal mate in a cottage outside the village when Chorlisr attacked them without provocation.

Chorlisr attacked, and inadvertently killed his eternal mate, Renae,. As Gavis vowed revenge, Chorlisr used witchcraft once more to destroy Gavis. He was affected, but ran into the wood to a dark warlock so he could be healed. He took a potion, but slept in a mountain range for one thousand years.

In the 24th century, Chorlisr was long since dead, so Gavis had to find his descendants to wipe out Chorlisr’s lineage for good. He destroyed all but one.

Adama Aruna was a history mentor, and also Chorlisr’s last descendant. She became Gavis’ target for his deadly malevolence, so he engaged her at a club to administer annihilation.

Adama escaped the murderous deluge, and now has to learn magick to defeat the bitter eternal with a perpetual grudge. Can she do it in time?

In this future chronicles series, you will get,

  • A wrongly accused immortal
  • A time span from the Renaissance to the 24th century
  • Revenge for a slain love
  • The unsuspecting female last descendant targeted for annihilation
  • The discovery of a unique lineage
  • Futuristic witchcraft
  • Enjoy the beginning of an epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure! Download The Millennium Malevolence Book 1 FREE


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