A Pig In A Wig: An Anti Bullying Social Story For Young Readers

| June 23, 2018


An anti-bullying rhyming social story for young readers. 

Penelope Pig is having a wonderful day.
But it didn’t always go that way.
Sometimes the other kids would make fun of her.
She was tired of it that was for sure.
She set out to change who she was.
Polly reminds her she is special, just because.

Join Penelope in her school day, and see how her friend Polly teaches her a valuable life lesson.

Move over Dr. Seuss, Mary Lee Kendal is in town. During Mary’s years as a teacher, she found the best way to teach was to be “entertaining without being entertainment.”  She saw how children and teens are extremely creative if you just give them a chance.  Kids learn in many different ways.  Some learn through reading, playing, singing, dancing, rhyming, or even drawing. They learn visually, and by writing poetry. They love to creatively express themselves and her classroom was one place they could do that.

So how did she come up with fun quirky Dr. Seuss type rhyming books? As a kid she loved to rhyme.  She was always encouraged to write, read, rhyme, play, act, sing, dance, and be as creative as possible by her parents.  She feels her books bring in many of kids favorite ways to learn.   Her social stories are meant to be read together a loud with an adult or older sibling and a child bringing the bond between each other even closer.

All of her social stories are meant to educate in an entertaining way. “If I can help one child feel a little bit better about themselves, build self-confidence,  increase self-esteem or handle being bullied, or encourage them to stand up for themselves, or a friend, then I have done what I have set out to do.”

Stay Tough Kids!
Mary Lee Kendal


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