Imagine That!: Playing With The Power of Imagination

| June 24, 2018


From rock-solid science to centuries-old scripture, we’ve been told our thoughts and emotions matter, and may even be indicators of our future. In this book, Tamara Dorris shows you that the real key to navigating your way to a new reality rests in your almost dormant imagination. She claims that we’re all using our imaginations anyway, but most of us are using them to conjure up the worst instead of designing the best.
Using wit, humor, and sass, Tamara shares how anyone can learn to use their imaginations in more productive, profitable, and effective ways.

Includes the 33-Day Challenge

The second half of the book is the 33-Challenge that includes a daily lesson and journaling exercise to help cement in and apply the age-old and scientifically new ideas presented in the first section of the book. Be prepared to have your mind a little bit blown, your “mean monkey” a little bit riled up, and start intentionally creating your life with excitement and intention!


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