American Revenant: Hometown Exodus

| June 24, 2018


A small community of doomsday preppers spent years imagining the unthinkable. When the world is stricken with an illness which claims thousands of lives in the first day, they worry. When hundreds of thousands are gone by the first week, they know their efforts weren’t wasted. The days they hoped would never come are upon them. Now it’s time for this group of friends to band together with their families. Survival is the name of the game.
…And that was before the dead had even begun to rise.
Now the undead threaten the lives of all they hold dear. These survivalists must put their years of planning to the test. They face zombies and desperate groups of survivors as they struggle to find safety. These men and women will risk everything to escape the small town they once called home.
This is the story of their Hometown Exodus.
This novella is the first of a new series. American Revenant aspires to emphasize the essential community element of survival. Enjoy Mark Tufo’s “Zombie Fallout” or D.J. Molles’ “The Remaining”? You will enjoy this highly rated, fast-paced story line.

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