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| June 25, 2018


Attention All Self-Directed Investors, Value Investors, and Intelligent Investors

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If you are the average Self-Directed Investor trying to go about Value Investing or navigating stock markets on your own, this book is going to save you a lifetime of exasperation.

Value Investing stands or falls on the truth or falsehood of publicly available earnings data. Unfortunately for the vast majority of Self-Directed Investors, the truth or falsehood of reported earnings is literally impossible to know. In the largest CFO survey ever conducted nearly 400 American CFOs assert an incredible 1 in 5 corporations manipulate earnings within the confines of GAAP—Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Did you know GAAP allows for intentional earnings misrepresentation?

Not reassuring given the endless procession of high profile accounting scandals, including Worldcom, Tyco, Healthsouth, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, American Insurance Group, Lehman Brothers, Saytam, Olympus, Tesco, Toshiba, and so on. Which begs the question:

If Chief Executives conspire to deceive hundreds of thousands of employees, all-star Boards of Directors, Big Five/Four Accounting Firms, Wall Street’s top securities analysts, America’s biggest credit rating agencies, the United States Securities Exchange Commission and even Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (!), think about it:

What chance does the average Self Directed Investor have in the face of intentional high-level disinformation? In the instances Big Accounting firms and investment banks themselves are complicit or negligent, how could the average Self Directed Investor know before it was too late?

Value Investing stands or falls on the trustworthiness of the earnings number. Publicly available earnings data simply cannot be trusted. If the primary means for calculating value cannot be trusted, then Value Investing itself cannot be trusted. Thus, Self-Directed Investors must confront the brutal fact: If you aim to be an Intelligent Investor, Value Investing is not an intelligent way to invest.

Intelligent Investors are in desperate need of an alternative to earnings-dependent formulas. Debunk “Fundamentally flawed” thinking and learn to make informed, high-probability decisions which do not depend on human intervention: No news, no stockbroker, no financial adviser, no stock market guru, no analyst, no ratings agency, no hot tips over the water-cooler.

Featuring maverick researcher and Emerging Markets specialist Mac Murray, the first Western-born stockbroker in over 40 years at the Philippine Stock Exchange. In this landmark book you will learn the investment secret one of the world’s wealthiest family dynasties utilized to dominate the British bond market for a hundred years, combined with the 21st century’s most profit-optimizing and risk-reducing strategies straight from the trading floor of the most exotic stock exchange in the world!

Happily, for those of us who love Benjamin Graham, Value Investing, and the classic The Intelligent Investor, the alternative investment method detailed here encompasses the spirit of Value Investing—including Margin of Safety, Preservation of Capital, and a Systematic Process of Investing—perhaps even better than traditional Value Investing does itself!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…


  • Why Value Investing Is Not Viable For Self Directed Investors.
  • The Highest-Risk Earnings-Dependent Indicators.
  • Nothing New Under The Sun: The Empirical Regularities of Human Response.
  • Seed Time and Harvest. A Time For Buying. A Time For Selling.
  • And much, much more!
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