A Killer Review

| September 27, 2013


A Killer Review

A Mean and Spiteful “One-Star Book Review” Wreaks Havoc

How A Young Family Coped…

It was mid September, and the Boston-area weather was turning cooler, much to the relief of Sandy and her young family. For the past three years, she’d become a “work at home mom,” much to her husband’s chagrin. To Sandy, it was the ideal solution – being able to write her books while working from home, enabling her to save on daycare fees, and being able to bond with her 18-month old twins. Then there was little three-year old Rona, who thought she was all grown up, and was daddy’s little girl – the apple of Kevin’s eye!

Sandy was making good progress with her first series of romance stories, and was keen to keep moving forward. That is, until the awful, hateful, and totally spiteful one-star review was posted. For all to see. And it didn’t end there…

Sandy had to do something about it. This “one-star killer review” was totally out of line…

This is a novel by J.K. Melnick.
Rated “R” for Language

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