The Fire Stone (The Chronicles of Ishmirban)

| September 27, 2013


The Fire Stone (The Chronicles of Ishmirban)

Stop Press:- The Fire Stone is free from 27th – 29 September as a bonus for Part Two which will be available in October.

The Chronicles of Ishmirban -The Fire Stone – Part One

When a wild dark haired gypsy boy called Chase, first meets Amy, they do not realise the immense adventure they are both about to embark upon.

After a horrific accident Amy was left badly scarred and her beloved horse, The Minstrel, killed. Chase helps her to overcome her fear of riding and she in return agrees to help Chase find where his missing family have gone…

They begrudgingly become friends, each needing the other. As their friendship blossoms Amy realises there is more to this young gypsy than raw enthusiasm, she suspects he has a dark side…

When they disappear together all hell breaks loose as their families search for them. But they have gone beyond their reach.

Chase and Amy find themselves alone together in a strange new world and their friendship eventually turns to love as they begin to grow up together making many strange new friends and the search for the Fire Stone begins…

What readers have said:
“Book one brilliant! When will book two be ready to read?”

“Wow! A lot happened. I figured that they were running a stolen car operation. I think we are getting ready for Jonathan to see more. To understand more. Looking forward to the next part of the story. I have so enjoyed it.”

“I couldn’t stop reading, still enjoying it!”

“Oh wow, it’s exactly one in the morning and I’m still reading!!
The tension created was pretty good, and reading about a hungry Chase got me hungry too…”

“I can picture this very well, the children and the aliens all around in their many coloured robes, watching and listening and Chase standing up and facing them, a really good read, well described”


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