Coastal Path: A Soldier’s Quest for Peace

| June 29, 2018


Steve, a squaddie, is on a physical, mental, and spiritual path, where guides help him in his search for peace and freedom.

Steve is transformed from a squaddie trying to do the right thing to a participant in dangerous counter-terrorism operations, where rules and collateral damage are a personal choice.

Counter-terrorism operations take him from diving in Greece and the UK to Syrian war zones. PTSD, surveillance – events shocking and sad – mixed with black humour, create dilemmas he can’t turn his back on. He tries to do the right thing, but collateral damage becomes a matter of personal choice where core values are challenged. In the end – your decision. What would you do?

Through it all, a beautiful yacht called Eleftharia (Freedom), escorted by dolphins, reveals life as it could be.


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