Corporate Mission Possible – The Manager’s Guide to a Successful Corporate Career

| September 27, 2013


Corporate Mission Possible - The Manager's Guide to a Successful Corporate Career

How Can You Survive Working in the Corporate Culture?
After 20 years of multinational experience, I know exactly what it takes to build a successful corporate career. I learned this the hard way. You do not need to.
Build a Successful Corporate Career Using Proven Methods
I wrote this comprehensive guide that sums up my own and others’ personal experience on the journey to success in business in order to give you advice on career building in the corporate culture.
Whether you are a naïve new employee, a manager-to-be, a frustrated corporate professional trying to balance work with family life; if your career seems to stuck –
The Answers on What It Takes to Make a Successful Career Are Right Here in this Book

This success guide will show you how to:

  • manage your career in a corporation
  • understand the corporate jungle, its rules and behave according to them
  • recognize and prevent obstacles, dangers and hidden traps on your way
  • learn the secrets of successful corporate communication
  • use proven tricks to get you safely ahead on the corporate ladder
  • achieve your goals at work and in life without compromising on your integrity

I recommend this success guide based on real-life stories to corporate professionals, managers and manager-to-be employees. The accumulated experiences cover all areas from sales to manufacturing, marketing to R&D, procurement to finance; industries from automotive to retail, electronics to rubber boots and machinery to FMCG.

I wish I could have read a similar book 20 years ago.Rob Mars
Corporate Manager, Consultant, Coach

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