Life Mastery: An Inspirational Book

| July 1, 2018


Sometimes it gets dicey to be an overall success achiever in all areas of life. And while it’s a fact that life in itself cannot be an embodiment of perfection; however,you can attain completeness in all the major aspects of your life that will make you live a happy and fulfilling life. The book Life Mastery is your first step to attaining this completeness

Many people desire this kind of life, but they don’t know how to place their fingers on it. Most people are successful in some areas of their lives but fail in other areas. Some are wealthy, but are terribly out of shape; some have a fulfilling career but don’t have a good relationship with the people they love.By reading this book, you will discover profound principles, which when applied will lead you to achieve success in all areas of life concurrently.

The areas of life captured in this book are health and fitness, emotions,intellect, spiritual life, character, love relationships, parenting, social life, finances, career, quality of life and life vision. After creating your life vision, this book will also teach you how to set goals and objectives that will help you to achieve the life vision.

As a life enthusiast, committed to a quest to live life to the full beyond the teachings of his Computer Science Degree, Gal Avraham has decided to open your eyes to salient Life Mastery Principles that will not leave you in the same spot you are as at when you pick up this book.


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