Agents in Love Collection: Prequel, Book 1, Book 2

| July 1, 2018


Hot passion, thrilling crime, and true love. These Secret Agents do whatever it takes to protect American citizens from harm. Romance sizzles on the page, but criminals and murderers make finding happily ever afters difficult for the brave men and women who face them down, risking their lives all in the name of justice.

See why a Reader’s Favorite reviewer said “The twists and turns will have you putting aside chores and ignoring phone calls until you’ve gotten to the bottom of this story.” Don’t miss the chance to read the first three Agent novels for one great price. Download it today!

Crime & Passion (Prequel to Agents in Love)
A decorated police officer, more intent on justice than following the letter of the law, lands in trouble when a schoolteacher finds a dead body on the beach.

Officer Donovan Andrews knows how to have a good time—ask any woman in town. But when it comes to men abusing their wives or children, Donovan takes it upon himself to make them regret it. When Donovan is framed for murder, Madeline Scott is the only one who can help clear his name. The killer doesn’t want to be exposed, placing Madeline in grave danger.

Love & Deception (Agents in Love – Book 1)
What if everything you believed in was a lie? Nick Kendall is a secret agent sent to infiltrate a suspected terrorist organization. Despite his best intentions, he falls hopelessly in love with Carlie Hollis, an alleged key player of the group. Though he knows it’s wrong, Nick struggles with his feelings versus what is right. Everything changes when he receives new orders—kill the target. Will he follow those orders…or become hunted himself?

Love & Redemption (Agents in Love – Book 2)
Former secret agent Shelley Daniels is struggling to tame her bad-girl tendencies. Jewel thief Gavin Hart wants fast money and a fresh start—until he witnesses a murder. Gavin drags Shelley back to the world she was desperate to escape with rogue agents, assassin plots, and a frantic race to stop a terrorist group.


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