American Girl

| July 2, 2018


Sometimes an empty life is heavier than we can carry.

After seven years, 32-year old novelist Kate Archer has her husband Paul, her career, and little else. In a tepid marriage, buckling under the expectations of friends and family, Kate has become invisible to everyone, especially herself. Writing, her sole remaining passion, is an embarrassment at home.

Kate finds an unlikely kindred spirit in Rob Graham, a mercurial author half a world away. Their collision on a sweltering Brooklyn afternoon upends her life, an impact that snaps Kate from her melancholy.

Unable to deny her emptiness and longing, Kate strikes out for new experiences in a bid for self-discovery. Rather than become illuminated, Kate loses herself time and again, and when tragedy strikes it casts her dreams into doubt.

Determined to build a life, a self of her own, Kate must fight a tide of expectations and learn to love who she is, not the many women she could be.

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