Scandal, Temptation & A Taste of Flan

| July 4, 2018


Book #3 in the Marian Moyer series!
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Book #3 in the Marian Moyer series. Kidnapped. Nearly murdered – twice. Marian Moyer has spent the last few months avoiding any and all drama. Save for that time she decided whether she’d turn up the heat with smoldering James Holden or heart-stopping Mika Andrushkiv.

Unfortunately, Marian’s drama-free days are over with the arrival of Hollywood starlet Carmen Suarez. Brought in to model for Food Porn, Carmen’s face on the magazine cover will host benefits that, until now, Marian has only dreamt about. If she can just survive Carmen’s attitude, that is.

But when Carmen turns up dead and all fingers point to Marian’s BFF and business partner, Addison Dawes, Marian is forced to uncover the real truth behind Carmen’s death. Of course, what she finds brings several long-buried secrets to the surface – secrets that might have been better left unknown.

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