American Midnight (The Damaged Posse Series – #1)

| September 28, 2013


American Midnight (The Damaged Posse Series - #1)

American Midnight – The Damaged Po$ $ e Series #1


Okay, So What Is All the Fuss About?

Doc White wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel suite a very confused man with a massive tequila hangover. As he reflects on the previous day’s events that included his wife walking out on him and with their joint savings, the return of the voice in his head, his subsequent loss of another 0,000 at the blackjack tables, and then waking up next to a total stranger, Doc’s already damaged life has taken another serious dip downward.

In order to pay off his new debt, Doc is forced to do something he vowed years ago never to do again; take a corporate job. Doc’s new boss, an octogenarian Chinese casino owner with a taste for curling and political intrigue, along with the return of an old love help to reenergize Doc as he tries to rebuild his life in Sin City. At a major crossroads, Doc draws on the expertise of Merlin, his coke-addled, phobic colleague from a prior life and Summerman, a part-time ghost who is certain he can help Doc deal with the voice in his head. By the time this initial installment in B.R. Snow’s Damaged Posse series is wrapped up, Doc, Merlin, and Summerman have joined forces and are armed and ready to wreak havoc on the bad guys as well as themselves.


What People Are Saying About American Midnight


“A really strong opening novel in what has real potential to become an incredibly popular series. It’s unusual to see multiple fully-developed main characters juggled as seamlessly as they are here. The storylines are compelling, the characters pop, and Snow displays a sense of irreverence which serves him well as he takes on greed, hypocrisy, and the vagaries of relationships. Best of all, he is one very funny writer. Don’t miss this one and the ones that follow. Comic crime hasn’t looked this good is a very long time.” – M. Cody

“Enjoyed this book more than many I’ve been reading lately. Very glad I came upon this author. It’s an adult book, the first in a series, sharp and well-written. The style is almost an updated noir, for the tech age, with the same kind of edge and slap, yet there is a real humor that comes from the finely crafted details and engaging characterizations all through it. I was baited from page one, but have to admit the hook was really sunk at the point where Doc (a very complex individual) newly divorced, leaves his wedding ring on the paw of a dead skunk thirty miles outside Barstow (I laughed out loud), this on his way to a real bender in Vegas where all the fun begins. From there, it was a fast and enjoyable read through to a tempting tease of an ending. Glad this is a #1. If the rest of the books are as enjoyable as this one, and the author gives me no reason to believe they aren’t, it will end up being a thoroughly enjoyable read all around.” – W.M. Driscoll -Author of Lyrics

About the Author

B.R. Snow grew up in the Thousands Islands in upstate New York on the Canadian border. He spent 8 years living in Australia and, after finishing grad school at Penn State University, he bid a fond farewell to winter and headed west. He spent 14 years in Los Angeles before relocating to Austin, Texas where he and his wife, Laurie, and their Golden Retriever, Stella, now happily reside. Like so many others, B.R. is fond of saying, “I wasn’t born in Austin, but I got here as soon as I could.”


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