The Viking’s Apprentice

| September 28, 2013


The Viking's Apprentice

What happens in Campbell’s Cove must remain in Campbell’s Cove

Campbell’s Cove is a town steeped in a rich history of adventures involving dragons, witches, knights and Vikings. History tells the story of one Viking warrior who rose above them all to claim the ultimate prize.

The stories tell us this Viking had many adventures. He fought dragons and witches. He protected our world from all manner of evil including the mighty Tolldruck. The Viking did not stop until all the evil had been banished from this world…

Hundreds of years later strange things start happening in the town. Could the Viking stories be true? Has the evil returned? Who will protect the people?

Peter always spends the first two weeks of the summer holidays at his Granddad’s magnificent mansion in Campbell’s Cove. Granddad is a great story teller, and the mansion has more secrets and stories than anyone could imagine.

This year Peter is bringing his best friend, George, and their holiday turns into an adventure they will never forget. Peter must face a future he could never have dreamed of, and learn of a past that has been kept secret for hundreds of years.

A fight for friendship and survival, and a struggle against an ancient evil that takes them into the caves of Campbell’s Cove and beyond.

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‘Fantastic 5 Stars. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone but any of you guys with young teens? Get this book to them!’ Rebecca Bennett Worldpress reviewer

‘Fabulous 5 Stars’ I loved this book. I’m a primary teacher and am sure the pupils in my class would enjoy it too! It would really help ignite their imaginations, it is a true adventure story with the setting, characters and plot needed to keep you thoroughly engaged….’ K Miller teacher

‘5 stars This will appeal to readers who enjoy books along the lines of Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl and could be enjoyed equally by boys or girls.’ Karen Baird Teacher.

Excellent 5 stars. ‘What McLeod does is he creates a world of mystery and magic within our own … by the end of this book you are hanging out for the next one.’ Amy

‘Amazing 5 Stars Everyone should download this book’ K Anderson

5 stars The Viking Apprentice ‘Loved it I was hooked from the first page. Great characters that will appeal to both boys and girls.’ K Price

Chosen as the reading book for Furnace Primary School for ages 8+.

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