To the Grave: A Genealogical Crime Mystery #2 (Jefferson Tayte)

| September 28, 2013


To the Grave: A Genealogical Crime Mystery #2 (Jefferson Tayte)

TO THE GRAVE: A Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Crime Mystery #2. 96,000 words.

A wartime secret with deadly repercussions.

Awarded Your Family Tree magazine ‘Seal of Approval’.  Featured in issue 118, June 2012.
This book is the second in the series, although it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story without having first read In the Blood.
Very rarely does a book touch me the way this one has.
Inspired by the author’s own family history…

To the Grave follows American genealogist, Jefferson Tayte, as he uncovers the disturbing consequences of a seemingly innocuous act in 1944 that was intended to keep a family together, but which ultimately tore it apart. His research exposes hidden pasts and the desperate measures some people will take to keep a secret.

Sitting in a hotel room at gunpoint, facing an impossible decision, Tayte is forced to wonder how his latest assignment had come to this. Five days earlier, after a child’s suitcase arrives unexpectedly at his client’s home in Washington DC, Tayte embarks upon a journey that takes him back to England as he tries to unravel the story of Mena Lasseter – a girl whose life has become a family mystery.

Hoping to reunite his client with the birth mother she never knew she had, having no idea that she’d been adopted, Tayte’s research draws him back to wartime Leicestershire and the arrival of the US 82nd Airborne, which irrevocably changes the course of Mena’s life. But as Tayte tries to find out what became of her and why she was separated from her suitcase all those years ago, he soon finds that he is not the only one looking for her. Someone else is determined to get to Mena first and it quickly becomes apparent that their motive is a secret worth killing for.

The Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Crime Mysteries.  What secrets are in your family history?


– Outstanding. I was captivated by the time period and events. Love it, love it, love it!! Table4two – 20 July 2013 
- This is one of those stories that you don’t just read – you live it. Jean Gill – 23 Jan 2013
- This is more than a mere crime mystery. It is a poignant and heart felt tale, beautifully told. Wren – 5 Oct 2012
– If ever you need to fall in love with reading again this book will do it. Judder – 11 Jun 2012
– Beautiful writing, mysteries, tragedy and a nail biting finale. Kew ‘kbports’ (Top 1000 Reviewer) – 11 Jun 2012
– It was one of those rare books that I found myself thinking of during the times that I was forced to set it aside to get on with life. P E – 11 June 2012
– Steve Robinson is such a wonderful storyteller. Mena’s story is just so powerful, and it’s related in such a beautiful way. It’s going to be one of those books that will stay with me for a long time. Lorraine Arndell – 10 Jun 2012
– The proofing and editing, which I believe is a very important facet of any book, was superb. Dixie – 9 Jun 2012
– Stylishly written and superbly constructed it benefits greatly from the meticulous quality of the author’s personal research and insight. One of those rare books that you want never to end. Harasrrek – 7 Jun 2012
– This man sure knows how to spin a yarn. I felt anger at the injustice, the waste and the lost opportunities, which is so often the case with deep dark family secrets. Cheryl M-M (Top 500 Reviewer) – 7 Jun 2012
‘This book plumbs the depths and emerges triumphant!’
An Oak Tree ‘Must Read’ recommendation.
Selected by the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum & the KUF (Kindle Users Forum) as Book of the Month for July 2012.
In the Blood (Jefferson Tayte #1 – June 2011) – One of Amazon UK’s ‘Best books of 2011’
The Last Queen of England (Jefferson Tayte #3 – November 2012)

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