SACHA—The Way Back

| July 8, 2018


Every few thousand years a child is born whose destiny is to reawaken the spirit of man.

Sacha’s life oscillates between normal, paranormal, and supernormal combining magic, mysticism, and wisdom leading to self-discovery. He is the son of the brilliant scientist Dr. Alec Baldwin, the hero of ALEC and ALEXANDER. Sacha is trying to figure out what he is doing in a human body. The mystery taunts him. He is obsessed with the idea that he’s not of this world. That he is here, on Earth, to carry out a specific mysterious mission. He also believes that he cannot go back to his own country until his enigmatic destiny is fulfilled.

Once again, Stan Law, the bestselling author of the first two books of the Alexander Trilogy, takes us on a trip out of this world.

Suspense mounts as Sacha discovers his destiny. All Hell breaks loose. Religions of the world unite against him, yet those who oppose him pay the ultimate price. The ending of the Trilogy is as earth-shattering as we’ve learned to expect from this author.

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