Dragon Wars

| July 8, 2018


NOT FOR KIDS: Genghis Khan’s fearsome dragon hordes created the world’s largest empire, but in China they’ll face three generations of lovers leading dragons into battle in this thrilling saga. Hot heroes and beautiful heroines fight the world’s greatest conqueror in this epic fantasy. When Kublai Khan tries finishing the conquest of China, the Dragon Queen must face him above Peking with her Dragon Force.

EXCERPTS: The emperor heard of 5-Minute Kisses, but had never witnessed one. A minute crawled to the next like a limp ox. That first kiss was not eternal, but seemed to take forever.

The dragon was huge, with red eyes, long horns, and gold-colored scales. Jie could barely run through trees faster than he could knock them aside in his desperate attempt to burn her alive.

“It’s better if you let him die. One heartbreak is killer; two is murder. You can either heal the dragon’s heart or break it beyond repair.”

The Great Khan heard the Dragon Queen roaring victory a mile above ground as his dragon fell uncontrollably.

“We might get wet,” her new boyfriend said as his dragon flew over waves. “I should start wearing bras,” she lied deliciously. “And panties.”

She watched women watch her husband with That Look in their eyes. Jie grabbed a fistful of shirt to kiss him before too many left. It was a shocking public display of affection that turned her on. He picked her up and carried her to a less crowded bunker.

“Why are we floating on dragons in the open ocean?” she asked angrily. “Instead of exchanging fireballs with Mongols?”

“If you don’t give it to me now,” she warned him hungrily, “I’ll scream.” She screamed anyways. “We forgot to close the door.” He chuckled at the “forgot” part.

Zan patted his son. “A smart man marries a smarter woman.”

“You just saved a dragon! Welcome to the Bad Ass Club. The dues are killer, but the life is sweet.”

2000 dragons filled the sky in the biggest battle in history. The Battle of Peking would be a turning point.

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