Nocturna League (Episode 1: The Witching Book)

| July 9, 2018


A monumental discovery. A horrible curse.

Upon the shifting waves of the eldritch-enchanted Eversea, brash sailor Colette thinks herself tougher than the usual girl. It might be her obsession with fitness, or her sharp eye in marksmanship, but every time she’s excelled in her duties, but not this time. Her captain has a new job for her, and that confidence is about to be shaken.

The bounty isn’t your every day: a talking book with a whole casino of aces up its sleeve and some interesting opinions about what Colette’s captain could be hiding from her. Breaking through the deceit of the entity, Colette and her best friend struggle to return the magic tome to the ship one way or another: whole, burnt, or shredded.

Adrenaline surges and the chips are laid against them as the book’s true nature is revealed and a fatal discovery is made. When even the crew turns against Colette, how can she get the book and save them from the book’s evil?

This is the first episode of Nocturna League, a series of the high-seas variety filled with action, mystery, and shadowed things. Prepare for the weird, the strange, the insane and the horrific, all sandwiched between a talking lobster chef and a ship that’s probably alive.
Welcome aboard the M.S. Nocturna, sailor; I’ll help you with your bags.

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