An Intentional Life: Five Foundations of Authenticity & Purpose

| July 10, 2018


We hunger for greater purpose and the chance to create positive change in the world. Yet finding that purpose can be difficult in a culture which sometimes discourages meaningful engagement. Fortunately, the transformative practice of intention can help us discover a radically different, deeply rewarding way of life that fosters meaning and purpose. This book is an invaluable guide to intentionality, and offers simple, essential tools for uncovering the most authentic version of you. Comfortably straddling Western psychology and Eastern contemplative traditions, Dr. Lisa Kentgen has helped hundreds of people remove obstacles and make deep and lasting changes. Here, she lays out a groundbreaking method for accessing insight and prompting positive transformation in everyday life.

An Intentional Life approaches the question of how to live most authentically in ways both pragmatic and deep. Filled with memorable accounts from Kentgen’s work with clients, as well as with helpful exercises and reflections, it articulates a transformational path traveled by practicing intention in five foundational areas: awareness, reflecting, choosing, acting, and allowing. By developing specific practices in each of these core areas, you can direct them to become powerful tools for living.


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