Still Not Dead

| September 28, 2013


Still Not Dead

Fast paced and suspenseful, Still Not Dead is the irresistible second part of the Dead trilogy. Still Not Dead is the sequel to Not Dead Yet. The author is a divorce lawyer and a special prosecutor in domestic violence court.

After being taken hostage and facing down her former husband who was supposed to have been dead, Theia Pearson expects her life will be safe and peaceful. Her former husband is in prison. She is engaged to Jack Capeto, who had worked overseas in civilian security after his military career. But when Jack refuses to tell Theia about threats he is receiving, Theia’s distrust of men erupts. Jack’s suspicious behavior leads her to wonder if he was the one who betrayed her to her former husband. Theia rejects many of the lessons she learned earlier and decides she does not need anyone in her life. They break off their engagement and Theia, though heartbroken, focuses on her law practice.

A child in one of Theia’s cases is dumped by his drug addict mother in a remote ghost town that had been flooded out years before. When Theia picks up the child, she finds herself in a situation that will test her courage and resourcefulness. In order to survive, Theia will have to use every means she used to stay alive while married to her schizophrenic surgeon husband, and invent a few more. She must confront her harrowing past and overcome psychological battles as well as physical violence.


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