4 Worlds of Spices: Add a Spicy Note to Your Cooking

| July 12, 2018


People are using spices in their food to boost flavor for centuries. Are you ready to learn how to make delicious spice mixes in your home? Aleksa Wattles’ new book about the art of mixing spices will provide you with amazing spice mix recipes. Easy to follow instructions will help you adding world-renowned flavors to your meals in minutes.

With the help of “4 Worlds of Spices”, you will figure out how to choose, buy and store the spices. If you are lacking in experience in terms of using spice mixes and seasoning, these recipes and advices will definitely help to you. This book is all you need to become a spice master!

Without spices, the food we prepare would be bland and boring. Why spend your money buying pre-made spice mixes that you may not like. The book demonstrates how to use spices that perfectly complement each other and suggest innovative combinations that you might never have considered before.
The spices are important to create seasonings that deliver uniquely flavorful dishes. This book gives you the spice mixes to make exciting and exotic meals that your family is going to love. It will provide you with a wide variety of dry spice mix recipes from around the world.

This guide includes 50 truly amazing recipes for blends, rubs, and mixes. Find recipes for seasoning mix for poultry, lamb, pork, beef, fish, and vegetables. Order your copy today and prepare delicious food than ever before.

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