| September 29, 2013



The United States is no more…and hidden away within the isolated wilderness of Alaska’s interior resides the tiny community of Dominatus. There lives a small but diverse group of people seeking out simple lives of personal liberty and freedom, but who now face termination under the oppressive and deadly regime of the New United Nations. They will fight and if need be, die for an America that once was. An America before being swallowed up by the monster of tyrannical global governance. An America before the mandates. An America before the government drone killings. An America before the New United Nations…

Mac stood with both hands hanging from his side as each of the vehicles came to a stop nearly fifty or so feet from us. He glanced over briefly to the tree-line where Keith remained hidden.

After several more minutes, the door to one of the vehicles opened and Carol Denny emerged, making his way slowly toward Mac.

“I didn’t want things to go down like this Mac. I hope you believe me on that. But, I told you, after what you did yesterday…they were watching…have a record of everything. And now, it’s out of my hands from here.”

Carol Denny stood directly in front of Mac, his face looking him over with clear concern.

“Dammit Mac – this can go real bad for you today. Please, don’t be a hero. Don’t push back on this, it won’t end well. Not for you…not for anyone up here.”

Carol looked behind him as both vehicles opened, and two more men stepped out. One was an Asian man of average height and build, mid-30’s, with a rounded face who appeared both tired and bored to be there. The other man was much taller, well over six feet, with a lean, almost gaunt face crowned by a cleanly shaven skull. His age was more difficult to determine – though likely no more than forty-five or fifty years old.

Officer Denny leaned into Mac and whispered.

“These people are serious business Mac, don’t fuck with them.”

Mac appeared to ignore Carol’s warning, his eyes instead fixated on the other two men who were now walking toward him. There was no emotion to be found in Mac’s face, his eyes as cold as the still- frozen ground below our feet. As the taller of the two approaching men came closer, I realized both he and Mac had the very same look in their eyes – the look of men who knew well what it was to kill another human being.

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