The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts

| September 29, 2013


The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts

The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts is the most comprehensive resource ever written about the most popular exercise machine in the world. Whether you use a Smith Machine at home, the gym, or are thinking about buying one, this book contains all the information you’ll need to use and master this versatile piece of weight training equipment.

In this book, you will learn:

More than 85 illustrated Smith Machine exercises, covering all muscles in your body

How to use the Smith Machine to increase strength, build muscle, improve your overall physique, and help to recover from injuries

Dozens of workouts, from beginner to advanced trainers, for increasing strength, building muscle, circuit training, and improving stubborn areas of your body

Advanced techniques you can perform on the Smith Machine to take your body to the next level

Written for beginners to weight training all the way to competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders, this book contains the information you need to either get you started or get you past those plateaus and nagging injuries and on to a more stronger, muscular you.


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