Eat Like an Italian

| September 29, 2013


Eat Like an Italian

Where food meets culture and tradition, the result is saporitissimo!

The most delicious cuisine in the world is also the best for you

Ah, the food of Italy! From the countless variations of pasta, to the abundance of artisanal meats and cheeses, to the mouth-watering desserts. Ever wonder how the Italians eat so well yet stay so healthy? The flavor appeal of Italian cuisine is well known, but did you also know that Italians are among the healthiest people in the world? Their life expectancy is the 5th highest globally according to the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

Eat delicious food, live longer…sounds pretty good, right?

So what’s the catch? What’s the secret to their “recipe?” Attempts to explain this phenomenon have generated plenty of reasonable theories not to mention dozens of scientific studies. But who really wants to plow through all of that bland, unsavory data? In any case, the real key has more to do with philosophy than physiology. Let’s just have a taste and decide for ourselves…

In this book, our goal will be to rediscover the joy of food from the beginning of a meal to the end—from selecting the freshest ingredients to the after dinner conversation, and everything in between. We will explore food traditions and their role in Italian culture. We will eat well and the health benefits will come as a consequence and not as a result of our obsessive efforts to that end. Sure, we’ll try to figure out “why,” but we won’t put too much effort in that direction. To do so would only spoil the poetry. Rather, we will focus on the ways to maximize the pleasure and minimize the guilt. After all, worry and guilt are far worse for your health than all the salt and cholesterol in a fast food “happy” meal.

More specifically, we will:

    • Discover some of the best regional cuisines in Italy.


  • Learn a few simple techniques for cooking delicious dishes.



  • Survey the history of some Italian food traditions.



  • Debunk the pseudo-science behind the latest fad diets.



  • Celebrate the subtle pleasure of sitting down to a slow meal with friends and family.



Finally, in the last chapter, we’ll chop it all down into bite size pieces for easy digestion. These “Italian Food Rules” that I’ve come up with are my semi-serious attempt to decode Italian food culture for the English speaking world.
Sound appetizing? Well then let’s journey together to that Bel Paese where life is sweet and the joy of everyday food is nothing short of miraculous.

Buon appetito!


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