Author interview with Jennifer Holloway of ‘Sweet Promise’

Author Interview with Jennifer Holloway


Georgia Graham has had a whirlwind career since winning a regional baking contest right out of high school. She’s a bestselling cookbook author and has a hit show. When her agent thinks it might be time to give her image a grown-up makeover, a new show with sexy celebrity chef Lucas Nash might be just the thing to take her career to the next level.


Celebrity chef Lucas Nash has a brand problem. A messy, very public divorce and the downward spiral that he’s been in every since have taken him from fan favorite to a tabloid footnote. When his agent puts him with a rising American baker for a new travel show, she might be just what he needs to get back on track.


When Georgia and Lucas meet, sparks will fly. Will the celebrity chef break her heart, or is she the woman who can change everything for him?



Will these two be able to cook up a solution that will solve both of their problems? To help me indulge in a little cooking humour I’ve been joined by Jennifer Holloway, the author of Sweet Promise. Jennifer, I’m hungry to hear all about this book, so let’s get started at its base. How did this sweet tale rise up in your mind?

I was sitting in a patisserie in Paris, people watching, when a beautiful young woman sat down at a table near me. She reminded me of a contest I’d seen on a baking show, and the character of Georgia began to evolve in my mind from there.



Oh, how wonderful to have a story come to you while sitting in a Parisian patisserie. How could you not get wonderful ideas from that? Was this your only personal experience that influenced this book?

My writing is peppered with experiences I’ve had in my lifetime, and stories shared with me from others. I believe that a writer draws on their experiences both consciously and unconsciously.



I completely agree! You never know what whisper of your life has influenced your writing. Since you’ve already mentioned travels in Paris, I’m curious to find out if you’ve ever taken a trip that you’ve considered a literary pilgrimage?           

I do extensive research on the locations in my books, visiting them in person when I can. My most exciting literary trip was a trip to Paris. I sat in the cafes that were once the haunts of Hemingway, and Fitzgerald, and walked in the footsteps of famous artists. I drew incredible inspiration by soaking up the atmosphere of Paris’ storied streets.



With research trips like that, I’m sure you find writing so much fun and so exciting. Would it be correct to say that you find writing exciting?

I find writing exhilarating. I often find myself staying up around the clock, writing until the wee hours of the morning. After these writing binges, though, I feel more energized than tired.



That sounds like an awesome writing binge. When you finished the binge that was Sweet Promise, what did you hope was clearly shared with the readers?

I wanted to share the story of how even strong women can be vulnerable. It can be hard for women to be vulnerable, but that vulnerability – taking risks – can allow a woman to open up to new possibilities.



I love a good tale with a strong woman who has the courage to be vulnerable. Without giving too much of your upcoming projects away, can you let us know if there’s a little possibility of meeting some other strong women in the future?

I’m currently working on the second book in the Graham series, Promise of Home. Promise of Home tells the story of Celia, Georgia’s oldest sister, and her path to healing after loss.


I am editing a standalone novel called The Dane. Danielle has never been lucky in love. When a work project takes her to Paris, romance is the last thing on her mind. She meets a man who piques her interest, but she will have to decide if she is just perpetuating the same cycle, or if she can move forward with a strong, loving man who is her equal.



Both of those sound good to me! With each of your projects, I’m noticing a theme of women who are working through their lives with a touch of romance. Have you started to think about drawing your work together either by theme or by author brand to help readers know your name?

When I set out to publish my own work, I created an author website and social media presence. I believe that social media provides authors with a unique opportunity to connect with readers.



Social media and technology, in general, are awesome for letting writers connect directly with their readers, and I’m glad to see that you’ve started connecting! And on that point of connection, is there a line from Sweet Promise, that you feel would allow readers to connect with your work to round out our interview?

My favorite line from Sweet Promise is when Lucas describes London. “Complex, and irresistible. She’s the maiden, the mother, and the scold.”



Lucas did a good job of describing London. And I’m sure the readers now want to know how he describes Paris! Well, to find out they’ll just have to pick up a copy of Sweet Promise. Jennifer, thanks for being such a good sport and letting me throw a few culinary puns your way, and I look forward to picking up a copy of this or your next Parisian adventure!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Sweet Promise ( ASIN: B07FBDC4LM )‘.

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