The Nevalys Saga book 1

| July 18, 2018


“An intellectual, stylish, and brisk sci-fi tale.” — Kirkus Reviews

“True magic is not that of mad witches or long-haired druids. True magic is science.”
– James Elder, April 14th of the year 1682

The first chapter of the Nevalys Saga is a thrilling contemporary adventure novel that combines science fiction and fantasy elements in one engaging storyline.

In 1682 England, before publishing his famous Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton asked one of his disciples to explore a theory about the origins of all physical forces around us, including gravity, time and sound. Unfortunately, this scientist was killed before sharing the result of his surprising research. Before dying, he left his young daughter, Elizabeth, the secret of this discovery hidden inside a mysterious package…

Three centuries later, in 2018, a student, Mikael, became against his will a scientific experiment directly related to this enigmatic discovery in the past. Chased by a formidable adversary and assisted by Anna, Mikael will have to unravel the mystery of his surgery.

Follow Elizabeth and Mikael over two time periods and across oceans in this first book written by Marek Olejarz.

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