Infraction of the Mind: Episode One of Fortitude Rising (A Magical Bond Series Novella Book 1)

| July 18, 2018


Born in isolation on an island institution run by her parents, Ebony Hunter’s purpose in life is to master her powerful magic. After the death of her mother, she shut down and stopped using magic altogether.

As an essential research subject in her father’s institute, she incurs his wrath with her emotional withdrawal from his tests. He doesn’t believe her when she insists she is weak and cannot do the things he asks of her, and he doesn’t care that she’s afraid her magic will kill her. He wants results at any price.

The pressure from her father to advance her use of magic terrifies her and she fails at all his requests. The more her magic fails her, the harder her father pushes, and the more rebellious she becomes. As her father’s aggressive demands on her magic worsen, her desire to leave the island and find freedom in the city heightens.

Vivian Way, political reformist and financial backer of the institute, has lost all patience with Dr. Hunter and arrives to take matters into her own hands. When she forces Ebony to push her magic too far, the result is devastating. Can Ebony forgive herself and overcome her failures, or find comfort in new friendships as her life unravels in this sci-fi dystopian fantasy?

Infraction of the Mind is the first episode included in Fortitude Rising. Fortitude Rising is the complete volume one of the Magical Bond Series. The following episodes are included in this book bundle.
-Infraction of the Mind, Episode One
-Incite the Power Within, Episode Two
-Embodiment of Magic, Episode Three


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