Demon Girl (Keeley Thomson Book One)

| September 30, 2013


Demon Girl (Keeley Thomson Book One)

Who do you think you are? No, really, think about it for a second.

It’s not a hard question for most people. You are what you do. Who you know. The sum of your potential.

In the end, it likely doesn’t matter anyway.
You just are.

Keeley Thomson knows who she is.
She’s a completely normal sixteen year old schoolgirl.

At least that’s what she tries to tell herself in the dark and quiet moments of her outwardly normal life.

The reality is a little different, what with her ability to know all about a person with a single touch, and habit of seeing the world for what it truly is, rather than the illusion she’s supposed to see according to society.

In other words she’s a freak. A fact that she’s well and truly resigned herself to.
Isolated by her strangeness, trying desperately to avoid even normal situations in order to stay halfway sane.

Now though, Darla Gibson, the school’s head cheerleader, has taken an unnatural interest in Keeley, who may be the only person in the world that can see her for what she really is.

Something not exactly human.

Keeley needs to adapt fast, because the world is far different than even she knows, and no one is exactly what they seem anymore.

Possibly not even herself.


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